With this software, we present you a possibility to carry out an energy adjustment of the energy centers in the human body - chakras. Chakras are the specific energy centers in a person's energy which are responsible for the absorption of the energy and information spectrums from the environment which are vital for the organism, as well as the output (release) of energy and information from the human body.

So, it is through the human chakras that a two-way energy-information exchange with the environment takes place. The chakras, from the environmental energy chaos, filter and deliver into the body the necessary amounts of energy in their frequency spectrums (each chakra operates in its specific frequency range and its individual coding), aw well as remove from the human body the excessive, wasted or informationally encoded (in communication with other sources) energy.

The operating principle of the correction program is based on the years-long work of experts
in this knowledge field and combines the following elements:

sound-based (audio) correction
light-based correction
visualization of the activation of the main energy centers
bioresonance influence on the energy centers
elements of oriental meditation

Recommendations for sessions:

- To be taken 20-30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals
- Sit or lie down in a convenient position, so it is comfortable to see the monitor and hear the sounds
- After having listened to the necessary number of modules, please remain in the relaxed state for 15-20 minutes

There are no contraindications for this method.
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